• John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • 2002
  • Paperback
  • 285
  • Sproget er ikke defineret
  • 1
  • 9781857825558

To Kill and Kill Again


The true story of con man, thief and murderer, Roy Archibald Hall. Born in Glasgow, Roy Hall soon realized that he had an instinctive gift for crime - and quickly became a skilful jewel thief. His reputation grew with a succession of daring scams and he moved to London. There he became a member of the glitzy London scene - a friend to Lords and criminals, his risque lifestyle attracting attention and admiration. However, life took an unexpected turn when Roy met his first true love. He could not have known that such happiness would lead to a vicious and bloody murder. The killing tipped Roy over the edge. A series of brutal murders followed and soon Roy's days of freedom were numbered. After a protracted police chase, he was run to ground and is currently serving a life sentence.

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