Knacker Town

Af Thompson & Rob
  • BookBaby
  • 2011
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  • 9781618426963

Riveting and unexpected, two words to describe this exciting new crime thriller by Rob Thompson. Venture into the crumbling world of Knacker Town where a billion-dollar reconstruction project is taking place. Work comes crashing to a halt when a city employee is found hacked to death in the sewers. Detective Kali has been declared a disgrace to the uniform. Crucified by the press for a botched murder investigation two years earlier and relegated to oblivion by his superiors, he just wants to be left alone. It's a strange turn of events that sees him resurrected by the top brass to lead the Knacker Town investigation. Kali may be down, but he's not stupid - this new case bears too many similarities to the last series of murders that ruined him. Celia Jones is chief engineer on the stalled Knacker Town project. Already accused of sleeping her way to the top, her job and her last bit of self-worth are about to be destroyed if she can't get the project back on track. When a special forces squad is sent in to hunt down the killer, Celia watches as things go from bad to worse. Pushed to the limit, she decides to act on her own, but quickly finds herself over her head. Thrown together by circumstance, Kali and Jones begin to uncover a sinister political agenda that leads straight to the door of the most powerful man in the city. They quickly realize it's more than just their jobs on the line, their very lives are at stake. The solution to their problems is to be found in the treacherous sewers of Knacker Town, but time is running out and no one can be trusted. Knacker Town, a gripping, fast-paced read you won't want to put down.