Law for Nurse Leaders

  • Springer Publishing Co Inc
  • 2017
  • Paperback
  • 375
  • English
  • 2
  • 9780826133564

One of the most hotly discussed and debated areas of society today, health care law carries a host of legal and ethical complexities that nurses and providers must increasingly recognize and factor into their best decision making. This convenient and comprehensive reference, written by expert nurse attorneys, untangles the legal dilemmas often encountered in contemporary nursing practice, such as nursing malpractice/negligence and liability, risk management, corporate compliance, employment law, business law, and dispute resolution as they relate to health care law and nursing practice.

Written with the same no-nonsense, understandable language of the first edition, this revision continues to break down the often complex legalese of health care law and now includes two completely new chapters on the evolving roles of advanced practice nurses and managing disasters and public health emergencies. Multiple case studies and legal analyses walk the reader through the varied scenarios nurse leaders will confront with staff and patient-related legal issues they will encounter on a regular basis.

New to the Second Edition:

Revised to reflect multiple changes in health care law and updated information to the nursing/legal arena
A new chapter, ""Advanced Practice Nursing,"" covers increasing responsibilities in primary care, dynamics of health care reform, and changing nursing roles
A New chapter, ""Disasters and Public Health Emergencies,"" discusses major laws governing these events and hospital emergency operations plans

Key Features:

Serves as a comprehensive text for undergraduate and graduate programs
Includes Objectives, Conclusions and Trends, and Key Points in each chapter
Presents real-life cases and interactive features to reinforce learning
Addresses business topics and corporate law, not typically covered in similar texts
Covers nursing malpractice, risk management, employment law, business law, corporate compliance, and dispute resolution

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