Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

  • Simple Truths
  • 2018
  • Elektronisk medie
  • English
  • 2
  • 9781492675426

Need a role model for effective leadership? Hear from the ultimate leader himself, Santa Claus! The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus is a quick, fun 1-hour read written by Eric Harvey in the voice of Santa Claus and is one of the best leadership books for learning how to be a good leader at all levels. In this compelling story, you will learn how Santa Claus manages team building, employees, facilities, resources, production, customer service, and more! Learn his secret to success with this essential Ignite Reads management book and empower yourself and your team to produce significant results. Enjoy every minute of this delightful and powerful read by understanding how to: Get your team fully motivated and inspired Produce significant and sustained results Help all employees deal with the realities of change Build a high performance "workshop" Become a more effective and respected leader Celebrate Q4 with this book and its multiple training solutions. Or give the perfect holiday gift from your company or employee gift from your management team! Learn how to make the most of what you have and more with this inspirational leadership book.