Leading the eLearning Transformation of Higher Education

  • Stylus Publishing
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 288
  • English
  • 2
  • 9781642671490

Published in Association with the Online Learning Consortium

E-learning has entered the mainstream of higher education as an agent of strategic change. This transformation requires e-learning leaders to develop the skills to innovate successfully at a time of heightened competition and rapid technological change.

In this environment e-learning leaders must act within their institutions as much more than technology managers and assume the prime role of helping their institutions understand the opportunities that e-learning presents for faculty, for students, and for client organizations in the community. They need to prepare to participate in policy development around these opportunities. They must understand the multiple dimensions of practice in the field-operations, administration, and working within the complex culture of a higher education institution-while also functioning as scholars of the field who can bring the best ideas from other institutions to help shape policy around e-learning.

The second edition builds on the success of the first edition and presents both the collective expertise of veterans who have pioneered the field for 20 years, and of a rising generation of e-learning leaders that are transforming online programs at their own institutions, to address these challenges.

This edition has been updated and expanded to reflect the increasing complexity of the field. New and updated topics include:

The evolving role of the chief online learning officer
Issues of diversity as more women and minorities enter leadership roles in the field
The increasing role of learning analytics and data-based decisions
The potential tensions involved in cohort-based versus individualized instruction.
The increasing need for faculty professional development
The affordances of cloud computing, adaptive learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and mobile learning to the field
The open educational resources movement and the implications for institutional policy and practice
The challenges of an increasingly complex competitive environment

There are few comparable positions in higher education than that of e-learning leaders who work across multiple academic and support units and whose work fundamentally affects the institution as a whole. This volume is written for them.

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