The Lean Six Sigma Guide to Doing More With Less - Cut Costs Reduce Waste and Lower Your Overhead

  • John Wiley & Sons Inc
  • 2010
  • Hardback
  • 352
  • English
  • 1
  • 9780470539576

Cut costs, reduce waste, and stay competitive with Lean SixSigma These days, enterprises need to reduce operating costs asquickly as possible without compromising quality and customerservice levels. In the last ten years, business leaders haverecognized Lean Six Sigma as one of the most valuable methodologiesfor realizing this goal. The Lean Six Sigma Guide to Doing More With Less is yourcomplete guide for taking advantage of Lean Six Sigma and relatedapproaches to improve bottom line performance and enablecompetitive advantage. With focus and precision, this essentialresource hones in on how to reduce overall costs by eliminatingwaste and providing competitive advantage through enterprisespeed. * In today's recessionary environment Lean Six Sigma is apowerful and practical method to enable rapid and sustainable costreduction through process improvement, enterprise speed andagility. * Through the discussion of critical tools, case studies andimplementation tips the guide provides a thorough and pragmaticunderstanding of how Lean Six Sigma can reduce cost.
It providesinstruction and insights for stand alone cost-out projects, thedesign and launch of enterprise initiatives and how to extractgreater performance from legacy Six Sigma programs. * Authored by Mark O. George, a Managing Director of Accenture'sProcess & Innovation Performance service line, which is largelybased on the expertise of the former George Group, acquired byAccenture in 2007. The Lean Six Sigma Guide to Doing More With Less is thebenchmark manual for effectively applying Lean Six Sigma to rapidlyreduce operating costs and enable competitive advantage in today'sbusiness environment.

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