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  • 2014
  • Paperback
  • 68
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  • 9788771457438

Left and Right

One cozy evening while they in the living room were playing with their tiny toy cars, their mother and father where watching the television. They saw something about a red cross. It was not just only about the red cross because they could both see and hear many people talk and entertain with songs and stand-up comedians. Suddenly they heard a woman's voice say: "It is important that all of us give a hand to Africa." The twins stopped in the middle of their fun and looked scary at one another.

It's a funny book with linguistic quirks, where we hear a lot about the many ways to express the words. Mai Louise Falsig tells the story of Left and Right, exploring the world.

It is a book about the hands world in which we follow the two hands. The Twins: Left and Right.

The story starts with the twins' birth. We get a brief glimpse into the first part of their upbringing; but most of the book is about their infamous outing where they first become acquainted with all the dangers that lurk in the human world. Even though it's a children's book it is certainly a book that can easily be read by kids as well as elder people.

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