!Les importa un pepino! (Who Cares!)

  • Cuento de Luz
  • 2019
  • Elektronisk medie
  • IN
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9788416147922

Have you ever noticed that many dogs look a lot like their owners? Or perhaps it's the other way around: do the owners all look like their dogs? But there are some exceptions...Walking around the streets and parks of most towns, you might notice that many dogs look a lot like their owners. However, Leonora's dog was nothing like her. In fact, they could not be more different! Leonora loved listening to opera. That's why she named her dog after her favorite opera, Fidelio. When Leonora and Fidelio went for a walk, everyone looked at them in a very strange way and started gossiping... &quote;Here they come. They are nothing alike!&quote;, they said, laughing out loud at them. Two streets down lived Carmelo. His dog was nothing like him either. Totally different. Carmelo liked to make chocolates. He used to spend whole days coming up with the most daring recipes.The thing is, Carmelo's dog was the spitting image of Leonora, and Leonora's dog was identical to Carmelo! Tired of people looking down on them, they decided to trade dogs and thus appear more normal. But just when the match was done and they were suppose to fit, all of them felt lonelier and different... Has oido nunca que los perros se parecen a sus duenos? O tal vez sea al reves, y son los duenos los que se parecen a sus perros? Pero hay excepciones... Si uno va andando por las calles y los parques de la ciudad, vera que todos los perros se parecen a sus duenos. Sin embargo, el perro de Leonora no se parece en nada a ella. De hecho, !no podrian ser mas diferentes! A Leonora le gustaba la opera. Por eso le puso a su perro el nombre de Fidelio, en honor a su opera favorita. Todo el mundo les miraba muy raro cuando paseaban por la calle... Pero si no se parecen en nada! decian, riendose a carcajada limpia de ellos. Dos calles mas arriba vivia Carmelo. Y su perro Tampoco se le parecia en nada. En nada de nada. A Carmelo le gustaba hacer bombones. Solia pasarse dias enteros inventando las recetas mas atrevidas.!El caso es que el perro de Carmelo era clavado a Leonora, y el de Leonora era exacto a Carmelo! Cansados de que la gente los despreciara, decidieron intercambiarse los perros y asi parecer mas normales. Pero justo cuando deberian encajar, mas solos y diferentes se sentian...Don't miss the booktrailer!Read the first pages of !Les importa un pepino! here below: