Let's Write

Af Foster & John
  • Routledge
  • 2014
  • 186
  • eng
  • 1
  • 9781317817031

Let's Write offers a wealth of suggestions for approaches to developing primary school pupils' writing skills that will capture the children's interest, while enabling them to improve their ability to express themselves in writing. It aims to meet the requirements of the new national curriculum for English at KS2 in a way that will develop the children's standard of writing by presenting activities that they will find enjoyable and stimulating.Throughout the book, the emphasis is on providing activities that will engage the pupils in a discussion of how texts are structured, before producing their own writing. John Foster suggests a range of imaginative tasks that both literacy specialists and non-specialists will find useful in developing children' ability to write coherently and correctly.Let's Write includes:a clear explanation of the writing process with activities designed to improve pupils' drafting skillsexamples of the different types of writing for pupils to analyse, which they can use as models for their own writinga range of imaginative ideas for writing tasks, together with suggestions of curriculum opportunities for practising particular formswriting challenges which can be used to stretch more able writers and thus to introduce differentiation by task, as well as by outcomewriting tips, for example, on sentence structure and paragraph structure, appropriate to the different types of writingactivities involving pupils in the assessment of their writinga section on writing correctly, focussing on grammar, spelling and punctuationa section containing games and activities designed to extend pupils' vocabulary.Let's Write provides teachers with a lively collection of resources that will be welcomed by teachers and that will help to develop children's writing.