Life Journey & the Miracle of the Lotus Sutra

Af Dang & William
  • Partridge Publishing Singapore
  • 2020
  • 166
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781543761337

A simple young man, native of a Province, Vietnam. William was born from a farming family with nine children. Filled with love and support from his loving parents in their beautiful homeland, William Dang spent most of his childhood life in the field. Though life was tough for him, with his nature of being Independent and having strong desire to succeed in life, he was able to climb up the ladder and build his own family of four children with the love of his life - his wife, without the influence of her wife's family wealth. William Dang began his journey to discover the depths of his inner self and soul from returning to his childhood memories, about his family home where he was born and grown-up, the journey of craving for knowledge, developing a career, and in building a loving family. In this journey, you will encounter interesting stories that had happen in real life. You will experience visual images of South Vietnamese people in the '60s as well as following years of journey towards passion for knowledge seeking and overcoming some life's obstacles until reaching the self-awakening part of life. Awakening and self-actualization from negative experiences of his life, which he would like to share heartily to everyone to bring about positive energy to motivate and to inspire. As a Buddhist religious follower, you will be surprised that the colours of his own life and his inner awakening all originated from the study of Buddhism. This awakening stage started from prostrating The Lotus Sutra. Thereafter, miracles had happened to his life wholly felt in every second, every breath, and every moment. He felt and experienced the great Love, Compassion, and Sympathy which will be nourished in each one of us every day. William Dang believes that these miracles he experienced through the Lotus Sutra which teaches the way for enlightenment of all humanity, and the enlightenment of the individual in the current life circumstances, will also be experienced by the readers. Whoever or wherever you are, in any country or any religion, he believes that there is an apparent and intimate link not only between people but between us and the universe. Join William Dang in this life's journey. Surely, you will be inspired by his success story, especially during this pandemic period. You might see for yourself in each challenging step, a great life lesson to ponder and find meaning in your own life from rediscovering your inner self as well. Share the colours of your life as well that will become like a stepping stone towards finding one's self to experience great Love and Peace.