Lindel & the Yelling, Swallowing Monster

  • Speedy Publishing LLC
  • 2014
  • 0
  • English
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781634287135

Since Lindel was a kitten, his human has shown him everything about their small apartment. Lindel's human is an independent, hardworking young woman. They didn't have a lot of technological appliances yet, such as a microwave, humidifier, or a vacuum cleaner. With this, Lindel is used to a calm apartment that was usually quiet. His human works all day and then comes back to the apartment to sweep the floor, wipe surfaces, relax, play with Lindel, and feed Lindel. One day, Lindel's human earns a promotion. She then purchases small appliances and furniture that can make their stay in the apartment a lot easier. She buys a microwave, humidifier, cat furniture, and a vacuum. Lindel is able to understand and live with the microwave. It just sits beside the cookie jar, opens its mouth, closes its mouth, and lights up to warm his human's food. The humidifier just sits quietly in one corner of the apartment, blowing some white smoke in the air. The vacuum is an entirely different thing. Once Lindel's human turns on the vacuum, it runs, yells, and swallows anything in its path. Lindel is always scared of that monster. He runs away and hides behind the cabinet or curtain. The cat furniture and his lizard pal help a lot when Lindel tries to escape the vacuum. Will Lindel conquer his fear of the dreaded vacuum? How will he face and conquer his fear? Will his human help him in this area?