Listening through my Hands

  • Filament Publishing
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 186
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  • 9781913623166

Part memoir, part practical guide, 'Listening through my Hands' gives an insight into wellness coach, Carly Chamberlain's personal and professional life as a body therapist, educator and yogini. Having spent years tuning into her clients' deep physical and emotional pain through remedial therapy and energy work, Carly shares the key to true holistic healing through rituals, simple living and the unravelling of your past to unlock the authentic joy withheld in the body's intelligence.

This book creates a space in which the reader is invited to unravel any unworthiness or low self-esteem they may have experienced in their life. Its authentic voice gives the reader permission to expose their own vulnerabilities and face any obstacles or issues (physical and emotional) which may be holding them back from a fully responsible and self-expressed life. Carly highlights that these two major concepts can be accessed through the practice of daily, conscious self-care rituals and lead us to living a truthful and healthy holistic lifestyle.

Written to empower women with a special, warm welcome to mothers of the chaotic modern world, from one Mum to another... Listening through my Hands is dedicated to the busy, the burnt out, the overwhelmed. It's for those who don't feel heard. For those who suffer with physical and/or emotional pain, who feel resigned but know there is something 'else' yet do not have the energy or time to explore their dreams and connect with their truths.

Listening through my Hands is a book of two halves. The 'I AM' sections are observations of traumatic events that have taken place in Carly's personal and professional life that have shaped her beliefs about herself and the world around her. Ultimately these beliefs are part of an intrinsic internal dialogue, so loud that it has often left her unable to see or hear clearly and held her back from being authentically joyful. Carly began to witness this obstacle in many of her clients too, so started to create treatment plans which include powerful guided affirmations, self -massage, breathwork and Ayurvedic and yogic practice to support nutrition and skin health. Her and her clients started to see how this support system was benefitting them, shifting their entire lifestyles to one of

holistic health. She shares what she has learned from these experiences and how our physical and energetic body is ultimately impacted by our old, negative dialogue.

In the 'YOU ARE' sections we discover the teachings of the five elements according to the yogic chakra system. Once we grasp the knowledge of the five elements and their associations to our physical and energetic body, we can then apply Carly's rituals to each element inside our physical microcosm; the key to reflecting holistic harmony and balance back out to the macrocosm, the universe.

This book is for you if you have physical or emotional pain. If you are not being heard, if you think you are invisible, if you get nervous in social situations, overwhelmed and at times feel sad and alone. You are certainly NOT alone; you are simply human like everyone else. Do not panic though, for this is where the magic is.... Learning how to be released from suffering - physically and energetically requires you to discover your internal truth and express this to your world. This is the beginnings of a beautiful and life-fulfilling ripple effect. Expressing your world, to the world, with power and honesty.

This book is dedicated to the silent, suffering superheroes out there. Those who have a burning desire to have a voice and be acknowledged, not just by those who are close, but by the wider community. You have something to contribute, so much so that it makes your heart flutter, your belly burn, and your cheeks go red when you are faced with an opportunity to express yourself. The time to finally be great in your life is now!

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