Living Your Life In Freedom

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  • 2011
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  • 9781618422095

Have you ever felt like you are under attack and that bad things just seem to keep happening? Are you struggling in your life with an addiction, illness, abuse, or financial burden? Anyone who has read the news or watched television recently has probably realized that the world is full of trials and tribulations. The choices we make or the actions we decide to take can bring many of these problems upon ourselves. Fear not! God has provided us with an escape route and a method by which to reclaim complete freedom from the bondage caused by sin in our lives. In this book, you will learn to use all of the spiritual tools that God has provided for each of us so that we may fight through the battles we struggle with daily. You will discover in this book how you can live your life in freedom. By properly becoming prepared with the full armor of God, learning who you truly are in Christ and becoming bold in the Lord, you CAN defeat the enemy! By applying the principles set forth in this book, you CAN live your life in total freedom!