The Lon Williams Weird Western Megapack

  • Wildside Press
  • 2016
  • 0
  • English
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781434442789

Lon Thomas Williams (1890 - 1978) was an American author best known for publishing a large number of traditional and weird western stories in the pulp magazines. One of Williams' most popular series featured Deputy Marshal Lee Winters (a series of &quote;weird westerns,&quote; containing fantastic or outre elements) which are collected in this volume. Included are:KING SOLOMON'S THRONEFOUNTAIN OF YOUTHSATAN'S WOOL-MERCHANTMASTER OF INDECISIONA DESERT HIPPOCRATESTHE HAUNTED TOWNPHANTOM CARGOWIZARD OF FORLORN GAPA PORTION TO SEVENMARK OF THE WAMPUS CATGOLDEN CITYLONG LIVE THE KINGLANTERN IN THE SKYTHE SALT WAGONSTHE HONEY JUGTRAIL OF PAINTED ROCKSTHE CUCKOO'S NESTTHE WATER CARRIERSTHE STRANGE PIPERMEN BURNING BRUSHTHE BANSHEE SINGERTHE DANCING TREESTHE DEADLY SLOWPOKETHE THREE FATESTHE MAGIC GRINDSTONEAnd don't forget to search this ebook store for E Wildside MegapackE to see more entries in this series, covering classic authors and subjects like mysteries, science fiction, westerns, ghost stories -- and much, much more!