Longing for Daddy

  • WaterBrook
  • 2009
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  • eng
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  • 9780307457530

Where Was Daddy When You Needed Him? The absence of fathers is an epidemic plaguing our society, affecting families from every corner of our world and from all walks of life. Whether our fathers left us entirely during our childhood or were physically present but emotionally distant, those who missed out on an affirming, intimate father-love continue to experience the devastating consequences of that loss. Are you angry at the world and dont know why? Do you inadvertently sabotage relationships or smother those closest to you? Do you rarely take risks or step out on faith? Is there an undercurrent of anxiety in most tasks you perform? Do you struggle to connect with God? Do you have little or no self-confidenceor minimal self-worth?For women who answer yes to these questions, the common denominator is often an absent father. Far too many daughters have been stripped of a healthy relationship with their earthly dad. But real healing is within your reach. Discover how the absence of your father has impacted your entire lifeyour attitude, your actions, your beliefs, your decisions, and your identityand learn how you can stop resulting negative behaviors, beak free, and experience a confidence-building, empowering love that will heal your hurts and fulfill your deepest longings.