Looking Thru the Mind's Eye

  • Red Onion Publications
  • 2013
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  • 9780988553415

Words have power, and skilled lyricists know how to use them to ignite the senses and awaken the prowess. i &quote;Looking Thru the Mind's Eye&quote; by Mychal Umi Cox is a work of words lit by a vivid imagination that rose from the sparks of his myriad of experiences and those of others as well. This book is about life's experiences, poetically expressed through words that drip from his pen, creating a flowing fountain that beckons readers to drink read!i Sincerely sobering pieces, hard hitting stories, jaw jolting illustrations and, oh yes, a heavy dose of love potion poured out with passion - reminiscent of a lover on a poetic pilgrimage, dripping words and rhythmic lines like rose petals as if in a losing competition with the wise King Solomon and his lover. i With sagacious will and audacious courage, Cox steps into the role of a bold African griot, and delivers a passion laden work telling his own experiences and observations as he pulls from deep within his conscious and, indeed, his subconscious thoughts. Read - but make sure you buckle down for the ride!