Loss and Hope

  • Bloomsbury Academic
  • 2015
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  • English
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  • 9781472523860

What are the spiritual consequences of abuse and trauma? Where is God? How and why does such senseless suffering occur? What is the relationship between loss and hope? What are the benefits of examining loss and hope from an interreligious focus? These are some of the questions addressed in this volume, written by leading international scholars and which also includes contributions by those who have suffered: survivors of genocide and state terror. Case studies of loss and hope from around the world are discussed, including from the United States, Ireland, Sri Lanka, India, Iran, Iraq, Argentina, China, and Chile. Religions examined include Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. Three interconnected lenses are used to explore new perspectives on loss and hope: survivors and victims' testimony; interfaith studies; and ethical approaches. The book highlights the need for responses to atrocity that transcend differences within gender, class, religion, race and ethnicity. The authors stress the need for partnership and dialogue from an interfaith perspective, and while neither hiding not unduly minimizing the extent of losses in the world, attempt to establish an ethics of hope in the face of destabilizing losses in the realms of human rights and post-conflict resolution. Loss and Hope is the first book to bring together this high level and diversity of scholars living and working all over the world from different faith, cultural and ethnic backgrounds examining the universal themes of loss and hope.