• Inner Traditions Bear and Company
  • 2012
  • Paperback
  • 160
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  • 9781594774188

*Based on the practices of P. B. Randolph, occult rival of H. P. Blavatsky*Reveals how to perform sex magic rituals for specific real-world results, such as greater strength or enhancement of the senses*Explains how to create magical talismans, such as rings with specific planetary forces, how to enliven a painting and how to charge an effigyConceived by Paschal Beverly Randolph, MAGIA SEXUALIS has been heralded as the most influential book about sex magic ever written, surviving to the present day solely through Maria de Naglowska's French translation. Published more than 50 years after Randolph's death, the authorship of this translation has been repeatedly called into question: While the greater part of the content can be traced to Randolph's known works, a very significant portion cannotleading to the conclusion that this work was supplemented by Naglowska's own sex magic work and extensive occult teachings.This work from two great occult minds shows that true power of the spirit is acquired in conjunction with the power of sexaffirming that "sex is the fundamental force in every being, the most powerful force in Nature and the most characteristic evidence of God."
MAGIA SEXUALIS explains Randolph's meticulous science of sex magic, practised by the Brotherhood of Eulis and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light. Beginning with exercises to develop essential skills, the book explains in step-by-step detail how to perform sex magic rituals for specific results, such as greater strength or enhancement of the senses, how to charge and use a voltan effigy of a specific person you want to influence or protect, how to enliven a painting in order to influence those around it, and how to create magical talismans with specific planetary forces, using what Randolph calls fluid condensers.

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