Managing Budgets and Finances

  • Neal-Schuman Publishers Inc
  • 2004
  • Paperback
  • 230
  • Sproget er ikke defineret
  • 1
  • 9781555705190

Today's tight financial times make budgeting and sound money management more important than ever. The first six chapters of this essential how-to use a step-by-step approach to thoroughly explain and illustrate the nuts and bolts, including types of budgets and how to create and revise them; ways of tracking spending and fund allocation; and timelines for financial planning, such as capital spending. Later chapters cover special spending challenges, such as new buildings, maintenance, proposals and bids, outsourcing, and more. Careful attention is given to how libraries make and save money - now more important than ever - with coverage of library income, protecting property, alternative library funding, fundraising, grants, and bonds and referenda. The authors describe selected software libraries can use to set and track budgets and point readers to helpful Web sites for further information. Appendices include a sample accounting manual, annual report form, request for proposal, lease agreement, and security guidelines.
This impressive, new manual contains proven strategies, detailed examples, worksheets, handouts, forms, and tips that will help any librarian become a better financial manager.

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