Managing Corporate Finance

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  • Emerald Group Publishing Limited
  • 2013
  • 140
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  • 9781783504664

The papers in this issue make a significant original contribution which will result in the better understanding of Chinese corporate finance management challenges from both the theoretical and practical perspective.We all know that the ultimate objective of corporate finance is to maximize the value of shareholders, or, by the latest concept, the stakeholders. As the largest developing country, China has the largest market in the world, the largest potential for the global companies, but also the uncertainties and risk. Comparing with the fully developed market in the western countries, companies who are doing, or want to start, their business in China will, for sure, face the challenge of a complex external situation and unprofessional management level. It is definitely critical to understand the Chinese market situation as well as the management behavior from the different angle so as to practically achieve such an objective in China. Meanwhile, it is undoubted that the market situation and management behavior has mutual affect to each other.The papers of this issue have a wide range of coverage related to corporate finance, such as CSR disclosure, organizational structure, earnings management, ownership structure, media impact, corporate accidents, and institution background. Those papers selected are all based on empirical researches with the original designs of their modeling, by the real and fundamental data from the latest Chinese market and enterprises. Although the angle of each paper varies, they are all trying to have a deep analysis which may unveil the behavior of corporate finance decision. Some of these behaviors will be beneficial to the long-term sustainable growth of the company. While others, though, may have a negative impact on the corporate value creation.