Marketing Models

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  • 2019
  • Paperback
  • 225
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  • 9788759332016

Marketing Models is also available in Danish: Marketingmodeller

If you are missing a clear and concise guidebook with the best marketing models, look no further.Marketing Models is assembled by a team of experienced marketing experts, with specialized knowledge of the subjects they uncover. 

The authors present the 45 most important marketing models, outlining their strengths, weaknesses, and how you can use them to the fullest. The book addresses situations in which you might find yourself when considering a marketing model for an academic assignment or business use. The same basic template is used to describe all models: what is the model about, what can it be used for, and what are its shortcomings and weaknesses? 

Models are simplifications of the real world and form theoretical contexts. Based on research, they interact naturally with other models and theories. 

Therefore, Marketing Models is most effective when combined with a good basic marketing textbook or as a guidebook for business people and organizations with certain practical experience.

Contributors: Ole E. Andersen, Christian Grandjean, Birgitte Grandjean, Heidi Hansen, Niels Kühl Hasager, Svend Hollensen, Sine Nørholm Just, Jan Kyhnau, David Juul Ledstrup og Michael Sjørvad
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