Master the DSST Art of the Western World Exam

  • Peterson's Guides,U.S.
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 124
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  • 9780768944389

The nationally recognized credit-by-exam DSST (R) program helps students earn college credits for learning acquired outside the traditional classroom such as; learning from on-the-job training, reading, or independent study. DSST (R) tests offer students a cost-effective, time-saving way to use the knowledge they've acquired outside of the classroom to accomplish their education goals.

Peterson's (R) Master the (TM) DSST (R) Art of the Western World Exam provides a general overview of the subjects students will encounter on the exam such as the history of art during various periods, including: Romanesque and Gothic; Renaissance; Baroque; rococo; neoclassicism and romanticism; realism, impressionism and postimpressionism; and post-World War II to contemporary. This valuable resource includes:

Diagnostic pre-test with detailed answer explanations

Assessment Grid designed to help identify areas that need focus

Subject Matter Review proving a general overview of the subjects, followed by a review of the relevant topics and terminology covered on the exam

Post-test offering 60 questions all with detailed answer explanations

Key information about the DSST (R) such as, what to expect on test day and how to register and prepare for the DSST (R)

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