Mastering Risk Modelling

  • Pearson Education Limited
  • 2008
  • Andet
  • 408
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  • 9780273719298

Risks are everywhere in the business world. Mastering Risk Modelling provides the busy financial manager with useful tips andpractical templates for assessing, applying and modelling risk and uncertainty in Excel. The book is designed specifically to be of help to you if you don't have time to start from scratch it will improve your abilities in Excel and give you a library of basic examples that you can use as a basis for further development.

It covers:

Review of model design

Risk and uncertainty

Credit risk

Project finance

Financial analysis





Value at risk


This second edition contains brand new chapters:

Revised models

More material on credit risk modelling e.g. portfolios, bankruptcy models

Shows dual 2003/2007 Excel key strokes

More theory especially on statistics in Excel

Basic statistics in Excel tools and methods

Capacity to borrow and repay

Finding optimum mix of risk and return

Fixed income risk models

Visual Basic approach

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