Mathematical Analysis

  • Birkhauser
  • 2011
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  • 9780817683108

Increasingly important in the field of communications, the study of time and band limiting is crucial for the modeling and analysis of multiband signals. This concise but comprehensive monograph is the first to be devoted specifically to this subdiscipline, providing a thorough investigation of its theory and applications. Through cutting-edge numerical methods, it develops the tools for applications not only to communications engineering, but also to optical engineering, geosciences, planetary sciences, and biomedicine. With broad coverage and a careful balance between rigor and readability, Duration and Bandwidth Limiting is a particularly original and valuable resource both for mathematicians interested in the field and for professional engineers with an interest in theory. While its main target audience is practicing scientists, the book may also serve as useful supplemental reading material for mathematically-based graduate courses in communications and signal processing.