Midnight Man

  • Brava
  • 2008
  • 336
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9780758233943

&quote;The less you know about Ramsay, the better. . .&quote; Lady Helena Hartford knows nothing about Nicholas Ramsay. Rumored to be the richest man in England, he appears out of the shadows and commands her to trust him. Newly widowed, Helena is the target of powerful forces determined to seize her fortune by committing her to an asylum. Losing her wealth means nothing, but losing her freedom to the fetid air and hopelessness of Bedlam would be a never-ending horror. Nicholas has his own reasons for pursuing Lady Hartford. Familiar with the scandalous reputation her artwork has inspired, he is focused on revenge but supremely unprepared for the immediate, gut-clenching desire she invokes. As their uneasy alliance gives way to intense passion, enemies are circling ever nearer, intent on a shocking agenda. And Helena has no choice but to trust this mysterious, unpredictable man who could be her savior, or the means of delivering her to her worst nightmare. . .