Military Observation Balloons (Captive and Free)

  • Last Post Press
  • 2020
  • Elektronisk medie
  • 188
  • eng
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  • 9781528765718

&quote;This book on the manufacture, equipment, inspection, and handling of military observation balloons gives a complete survey of the field. It is based on the balloon manual of the German Army, including drill and equipment in use at the beginning of the war.&quote; This book is part of the World War One Centenary series; creating, collating and reprinting new and old works of poetry, fiction, autobiography and analysis. The series forms a commemorative tribute to mark the passing of one of the world's bloodiest wars, offering new perspectives on this tragic yet fascinating period of human history. Each publication also includes brand new introductory essays and a timeline to help the reader place the work in its historical context.