Motivate! Inspire! Lead!

  • Corwin
  • 2009
  • 344
  • eng
  • 1
  • 9781452272214

&quote;The authors remind leaders that the first step in motivating others is changing themselves. This practical book uses case studies, examples, and reflective activities to provide leaders with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to create school cultures in which teachers can find purpose, hope, enjoyment, and a sense of belonging and competency.&quote; -Dennis Sparks, Emeritus Executive Director National Staff Development Council&quote;The Vojteks write lucidly about school improvement, offering realistic, down-to-earth cases and well-stated approaches to change based solidly in cognitive and social psychology. They detail how school leaders can use ten motivational strategies to achieve improved student performance.&quote; -Richard A. Schmuck, Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon Author, Practical Action ResearchDiscover how your learning community can tap into greater creativity, talent, and expertise!This resource shows how leaders can transform learning communities into high-performing collegial communities where teachers collaborate for continuous school improvement, are passionate about teaching, and are valued as professionals.Based on motivational theory and the authors' optimal performance model, this volume presents 10 concrete motivational strategies for fostering a culture in which educators work together to fulfill a common purpose. Each chapter includes an authentic case study and reflective questions to help readers understand the conditions needed for implementation, as well as a &quote;Next Steps&quote; section that offers recommendations and ideas. Participants are able to direct and strengthen their efforts toward successful achievement throughPositive interdependenceReciprocal relationshipsShared decision making Professional learning Mutual responsibilityDetailed and insightful, Motivate! Inspire! Lead! is the go-to guide for developing a dynamic learning community that balances support for a positive school culture and continuous school improvement with the individual needs of each member of the school community.