Motor Control and Learning

  • Springer
  • 2006
  • Elektronisk medie
  • English
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  • 9780387282879

The purpose of the current volume is two-fold. First, The second chapter is co-authored by Rosenbaum, it presents a series of review papers re?ecting the re- Cohen, Meulenbroek, and Vaughan. The authors - cent progress in the area of neural control of posture dress in this chapter another central issue of motor and movement (Parts I and II). Second, it focuses on control,thatofcreatingmotorplans.Inlinewitht- issues of changes in motor patterns and neurological orizing by David Rosenbaum and his colleagues, this structures involved in their production with learning, chapter develops the idea of end-state comfort as an development, and aging (Parts III and IV). organizing criterion for the formation motor plans. The chapters in this volume were written by speak- The chapter also highlights the role of mental rep- ers at the Fourth meeting “Progress in Motor Con- sentation in motor control. trol” that took place in Caen (France) in 2003. As Chapter 3 focuses on issues of postural control.