Mount Pleasant

  • Arcadia Publishing
  • 2014
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  • 9781439645963

Mount Pleasant lies atop a tree-covered hill in the midst of East Texas timber country. The native Caddo Indians referred to the hill as ,pleasant,, and so it was named. Though it hails from within the historic area known as ,Devil,s Triangle,, the city has been dubbed ,the sweetest town in Texas., This area has been alternately ignored, fought over, and claimed, proving the people of Mount Pleasant are resilient, adaptable, and consistently hardworking. It is the kind of stable community that showcases many of the strengths of America. The city,s location as a byway along transportation routes, including roads, railroads, and an interstate highway, has contributed to its growth over the years as industrial businesses have come to town. Named one of the best small towns in America, it currently serves as the trailer manufacturing capital of the United States. This ,bass capital of Texas, boasts more than 17,000 acres for fishing, swimming, and waterskiing, as well as bird watching along the Texas Bluebird Trail.