Multidisciplinary Nature of Morality and Applied Ethics

  • Springer
  • 2020
  • Elektronisk medie
  • CH
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  • 9783030456801

Most people intuitively understand the nature of morality; this tends to belie the fact that morality is more complex, controversial and interesting than generally appreciated. This book provides a comprehensive overview of morality from various disciplines and perspectives. These include ethics and evolution, moral psychology, morality and culture, morality and religion and morality and the law. A chapter on evil illustrates the vulnerability of morality. The book also provides a description and critique of various ethical theories, the difference between a moral obligation and a moral ideal and the views of venerable moral philosophers who argue over issues such as whether objective moral truth exists. A number of practical ethical dilemmas are discussed. The book is written in language accessible to the general reader and  will be of interest to members of organizational, governmental, and professional ethics committees, students in ethics fellowships or ethics degree programs, philosophers, and others who want to learn more about morality.