Multiscale Finite Element Methods

  • Springer
  • 2009
  • Elektronisk medie
  • English
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  • 9780387094960

The aim of this monograph is to describe the main concepts and recent - vances in multiscale ?nite element methods. This monograph is intended for thebroaderaudienceincludingengineers,appliedscientists,andforthosewho are interested in multiscale simulations. The book is intended for graduate students in applied mathematics and those interested in multiscale compu- tions. It combines a practical introduction, numerical results, and analysis of multiscale ?nite element methods. Due to the page limitation, the material has been condensed. Each chapter of the book starts with an introduction and description of the proposed methods and motivating examples. Some new techniques are introduced using formal arguments that are justi?ed later in the last chapter. Numerical examples demonstrating the signi?cance of the proposed methods are presented in each chapter following the description of the methods. In the last chapter, we analyze a few representative cases with the objective of demonstrating the main error sources and the convergence of the proposed methods. A brief outline of the book is as follows. The ?rst chapter gives a general introductiontomultiscalemethodsandanoutlineofeachchapter.Thesecond chapter discusses the main idea of the multiscale ?nite element method and its extensions. This chapter also gives an overview of multiscale ?nite element methods and other related methods. The third chapter discusses the ext- sion of multiscale ?nite element methods to nonlinear problems. The fourth chapter focuses on multiscale methods that use limited global information.