Murder at Wrigley Field

Af Soos & Troy
  • Kensington Books
  • 2012
  • Elektronisk medie
  • 352
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9780758287809

A historical mystery with ';first-rate wartime Chicago atmosphere' and starring a ballplayer who ';turns double plays and solves murders with equal grace' (Publishers Weekly). While the nation wages war against Germany in 1918, utility infielder Mickey Rawlings has been traded to the North Side of Chicago. Hes batting a career high (a respectable .274) and the Cubs are in first place. For the first time in a long while Mickey is feeling financially secure enough to buy furniture. Thats when his best friendrookie Willie Kaiseris shot dead right on the diamond. While the official explanation is accidental death from a stray bullet, Mickey thinks someones taken the anti-war sentiment too far. Between collapsing bleacher seats and pretzel sabotage in the stands, Mickeys search for answers takes him from silent movies to speakeasies to the stockyards. As long as he keeps fouling off clues, its only a matter of time before a killer is caught in a rundownor Mickey is tagged out permanently. ';[A] quietly effective portrait of wartime Chicago in the throes of painful German-baiting and on the verge of Prohibition.'Kirkus ReviewsPraise for the Mickey Rawlings Baseball Mysteries ';Full of life.'The New York Times Book Review ';A perfect book for the rain delaya winner.' USA Today ';Delightfulperiod detail that will leave readers eager for subsequent innings.'Publishers Weekly