Nerve Problems of the Lower Extremity, An Issue of Foot and Ankle Clinics - E-Book

  • Saunders
  • 2015
  • 184
  • English
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  • 9781455709236

Clinical Evaluation of Neurogenic Conditions, Electrodiagnostic Evaluation of Lower Extremity Neurogenic Problems, Imaging: MRI and Ultrasound for Evaluation of Nerve Problems, Nerve Repair and Reconstruction, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Failed, Relapsed. or Recurrent Tarsal Tunnel, Nerve Entrapments, Intermetatarsal Neuritis and Morton's Neuroma, Recurrent Morton's Neuroma, The Painful Neuroma and Use of Conduits, Pedicle and Free Flaps for Painful Nerves, Peripheral Neuropathy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Nerve Wrapping