• 2013
  • 155
  • eng
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  • 9781909270923

Lucy Miles is thirteen. She has lost her confidence, she doesn't have any friends, she hates school and as if that wasn't bad enough she is also the main target of Beth Mackenzie, the school bully. She wishes she could wake up in the morning and just look forward to the day, it isn't much to ask. The word school makes her feel sick to her stomach.Then one night in her bedroom she is woken up by her dog going crazy and accidently discovers a strange cute little creature called a Nimnad. This discovery opens her eyes to a world she never knew existed and things will never be the same again. Together they experience some crazy stuff, and both learn about new emotions and feelings that neither of them has ever encountered before. Lucy's luck is about to change, apparently for the better.................but will it be a good thing? Or is it just Lucy that's going to change?