The Nurse’s Etiquette Advantage, Second Edition: How Professional Etiquette Can Advance Your Nursing Career

  • Sigma Theta Tau International
  • 2015
  • 0
  • English
  • 2
  • 9781940446158

Professional etiquette reaches far beyond which fork to use at a formal dinner. In fact, from handling business meetings to using smart devices to cultivating one's career, professional etiquette is critical to personal and professional success for everyone from new graduates to seasoned nurses. This updated edition will prepare nurses handle awkward and challenging situations. This preparation will increase the reader's confidence, enhance their reputation, and focus their career aspirations. Using a conversational Q&A format, author Kathleen D. Pagana provides readers with the tools they need to become a polished, confident professional. This book will help readers: Interact with everyone from executives to subordinates with grace and confidence, regardless of the setting or situation, interview successfully for a new job or position, manage or moderate productive meetings, manage their online and social media interactions safely and professionally, dine with confidence in any business or social setting, thrive, not just survive, in culturally diverse interactions and increase their comfort and confidence with business travel.