Nutrition Education: Linking Research, Theory, and Practice

  • Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • 2020
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  • English
  • 4
  • 9781284211863

Each new print copy of Nutrition Education, Fourth Edition includes access to the Navigate Companion Website which includes worksheets in writable PDF format, practice quizzes, interactive flashcards, and interactive glossary. The fourth edition of Nutrition Education: Linking Research, Theory, and Practice provides a straightforward, user-friendly model for designing effective nutrition education programs that address the personal and environmental factors affecting individuals' food choices and assists them in adopting healthy behaviors throughout their lifetime. Built around the six-step DESIGN process, the Fourth Edition integrated research, theory, and practice and provides advice and direction on designing, implementing, and evaluating theory-based nutrition education. This text is divided into three parts: • Part I describes the key elements of success for nutrition education, as well as the major theories that can be used in nutrition education intervention. • Part II features