• eSpec Books
  • 2015
  • 42
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  • 9781942990109

Mercenaries in the 27th century are said to be pragmatic, crafty, and even callous. Yet there are some things they hold above all else. The first must be the lockbox, for every man who fights must be paid. The second is the integrity of the commander, for none wish to be sent to die needlessly to save on pay or paperwork. And lastly, if the commander gives his word to come get you, he must keep that promise. It is this Oath that shall define the command of Captain Todd Rook.Radiation Angels Series:Lightyears of distance begin as humble feet of space, and the rise of one of the legendary mercenaries is no different. These stories are collected from many sources to bring you a more complete picture of Todd Rook, a man who would one day risk everything on a gambit, and defend two planets from the damnation of Damocles.