Options Volatility Trading: Strategies for Profiting from Market Swings

  • McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
  • 2009
  • Hardback
  • 304
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  • 9780071629652

How to collect big profits froma volatile options market

Over the past decade, the concept ofvolatility has drawn attention fromtraders in all markets across theglobe. Unfortunately, this scrutiny has alsocreated a proliferation of myths about whatvolatility means and how it works.

Options Volatility Trading deconstructs someof the common misunderstandings about volatilitytrading and shows you how to successfullymanage an options trading account andinvestment portfolio with expertise.This reliable guidebook provides an in-depthlook at the volatility index (VIX) and demonstrateshow to use it in conjunction withother analytical tools to determine an accuratemeasure of investor sentiment. However,recognizing a trend isn't enough. In order togive you everything you need to profit in theoptions market, Options Volatility Tradingalso features:

Detailed analysis of historicalvolatility patterns in the contextof trading activityInsights into the behavioral psychologyof trading volatilityRevealing examinations of marketnoise that distorts exploitable anomalies
Author Adam Warner, a recognized tradingstrategist and financial writer, sheds lighton the required mathematics by thoroughlycovering options Greeks and building a solidfoundation for more advanced optionsand volatility concepts. He explains how to diversify your investment choices using thelatest trading vehicles on the market, includingexchange traded funds (ETFs), whichoffer exceptional money-earning potentialfor volatility traders.

Applying the conceptual lessons in thisin-depth book, you will be able to identify,collect, and process the abundance of dataavailable every day in order to time the marketslike a pro, as well as develop your owntoolbox of best practices and time-testedstrategies for locking in big profits fromdramatic shifts in investor sentiment.Most importantly, Options Volatility Tradingprovides you with a go-to resource of dependableguidelines that will help you become asuccessful volatility trader in options and anyother market.

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