Our Divine and Cosmic Identity, Volume 2

Af Hammond & Alan
  • BookBaby
  • 2011
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  • eng
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  • 9781618425294

The human race and the individuals composing it continue to suffer the tragic effects of being unaware of their true Identity. This state has led to a false experience of themselves and of life, rendering them incapable of fulfilling their true purpose in the cosmic design. This volume of talks, given between 2002 and 2007, discusses themes pertinent to the reawakening of the consciousness to both true identity and purpose. The talks were given to the same small group of spiritual colleagues as were present for the talks contained in Volume I. These individuals therefore played an essential role in the appearance of both volumes. Members of a transcript mailing list also played their parts, and some of these latterly joined the original group for talks shared by telephone conference call. Acknowledgments would not be complete without reference to Lloyd Arthur Meeker (Uranda) and Martin Exeter, whose lives and teaching embodied the true Tone of Life in a magnificent way. The chapters are extemporaneous talks, and as such do not have the easy reading style of written prose. The content also assumes that the reader has previously undertaken considerable spiritual work, so there are few attempts at the correction, inspiration or persuasion often presented in spiritual literature. A few words are used in specialized ways, and these are referenced in the small glossary. As in Volume I, capital letters are used, not always grammatically consistent but, rather, for nuanced effect in their use and context. * * *It is not anticipated that this book will receive a large distribution. Its contribution to the cycle of restoration was made primarily through the influence of spiritual radiation when the talks were given. This is true of each of our contributions in living. They are made radiantly, moment by moment, in the current of the spirit expressed.