Parallel Architectures and Their Efficient Use

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  • 1993
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  • 9783540567318

Research in the field of parallel computer architectures and
parallel algorithms has been very successful in recent
years, and further progress isto be expected. On the other
hand, the question of basic principles of the architecture
of universal parallel computers and their realizations is
still wide open. The answer to this question must be
regarded as mostimportant for the further development of
parallel computing and especially for user acceptance.
The First Heinz Nixdorf Symposium brought together leading
experts in the field of parallel computing and its
applications to discuss the state of the art, promising
directions of research, and future perspectives. It was the
first in a series of Heinz Nixdorf Symposia,intended to
cover varying subjects from the research spectrum of the
Heinz Nixdorf Institute of the University of Paderborn.
This volume presents the proceedings of the symposium, which
was held in Paderborn in November 1992. The contributions
are grouped into four parts: parallel computation models and
simulations, existing parallel machines, communication and
programming paradigms, and parallel algorithms.

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