The Perrin Technique 2nd edition

  • Hammersmith Health Books
  • 2021
  • Elektronisk medie
  • English
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  • 9781781611500

Are you suffering from ME/CFS and/or fibromyalgia? Are you caring for someone with these conditions? Is someone close to you a sufferer? Almost certainly it will have taken your doctor some time to arrive at the diagnosis of CFS/ME and once there you may have been offered little more than ‘graded exercise’ and antidepressants to help with the condition. In the interim you may have tried many alternative approaches including changes in diet and lifestyle and a complex cocktail of dietary supplements. These may have helped but if the root cause is poor/blocked lymphatic drainage from the brain and this is left untreated you are unlikely to recover your full health. After many years of careful study and research, supported by recent published articles and coupled with practical hands-on experience, Dr Raymond Perrin has arrived at the firm conclusion that ME/CFS is a structural disorder with definite diagnosable physical signs. He has developed the Perrin Technique to stimulate lymphatic drainage from the brain and spinal cord and restore the health of the sympathetic nervous system - the secret of setting you on the path to recovery. In this second, greatly expanded edition of The Perrin Technique: fibromyalgia syndrome is also included; much new scientific evidence to support the theories hypothesised in the first edition is explained; new illustrative case histories show how individuals have become ill and responded to treatment; there is a more comprehensive guide to the manual treatment of CFS/ME and FMS; a comprehensive glossary and A-Z of CFS/ME symptoms puts the full syndrome in the context of blocked lymphatic drainage. The Perrin Technique 2nd edition gives you the chance to take charge of your own structural health with a sound scientific research base to support the fundamental importance of the relationship between the nervous and lymphatic systems.