Persistent Phosphors

  • Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 308
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  • 9780128186374

Persistent Phosphors: From Fundamentals to Applications provides an introduction to the key synthesis methods, characterization methods, physical mechanisms, and applications of this important luminescent materials system. The book covers basic persistent phosphorescence, introducing concepts such as emission, luminescence, phosphorescence, persistent phosphorescence and the development of persistent phosphors. Then, synthesis methods are reviewed and the connections between synthesis methods and improved materials properties are discussed. Characterization methods to investigate the trapping and de-trapping mechanism are also presented. Other sections cover the theoretical framework and energy band engineering models and materials with a focus on activators, hosts, emission bands and excitation bands. Finally, the most relevant applications of persistent phosphors are included for use in displays, safety signs, bio-labels and energy.

Persistent Phosphors is an invaluable reference for materials scientists and engineers in academia and R&D. It is a key resource for chemists and physicists.

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