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  • Pearson (Intl)
  • 2013
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Personality Psychology: Pearson New International Edition


Helps students relate current research in the field of personality psychology to their daily lives.


Written with an approachable, story-telling style, Marianne Miserandino helps students understand how personality psychology applies to students' everyday lives. Pearsonality Psychology: Foundations and  Findings presents an evidence-based text with integrated cultural references and the key building blocks of the subject matter (Foundations): traits, genetics, self and identity, neuroscience, intrapsychic aspects, regulations and motivation, and cognition as it applies to the human personality.   Findings refers to the cutting edge research in each of these areas in which personality psychologists are actively engaged every day. 


Miserandino is an APA-award winning teacher and has placed learning tools such as self-assessments within each chapter that guide students into a complete understanding throughout the text.   Miserandino has also written the instructor's manual.


Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers should be able to:

  • Analyze both the foundations and findings of the research process
  • Learn about themselves, the people around them, and how personality psychology applies to their everyday lives
  • Understand and interpret new discoveries in psychology and related fields as they occur in the future

 Click here to view a sample chapter! http://bit.ly/Miserandino


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