Philosophical Ruminations & Theosophical Illuminations

  • 2013
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  • eng
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  • 9781446685976

These two 'posthumous' publications to John O'Loughlin's oeuvre-proper were culled, like the material of 'Opus Postscriptum', from two of his then blogsites and contain material of an essayistic and aphoristic nature which has been extensively revised and reformatted to suit the parameters of e-book publication. There is a sense, if only loosely, in which the first book corresponds to physics and the second, the so-called 'Theosophical Illuminations', to metaphysics; though that is arguably more in the form than in the substance, since both books are equally radical and, we think, thoroughgoing in their approach to truth and related or analogical subjects. The cover, divisible between land and sky, seems appropriate to the physical/metaphysical dichotomy of the overall title, which we hope will go some little way towards clarifying the distinction between philosophy and theosophy.