Philosophy of Probability: Contemporary Readings

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2010
  • Paperback
  • 560
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  • 1
  • 9780415483872

Philosophy of Probability: Contemporary Readings is the first anthology to collect essential readings in this important area of philosophy. Featuring the work of leading philosophers in the field such as Carnap, Hajek, Jeffrey, Joyce, Lewis, Loewer, Popper, Ramsey, van Fraassen, von Mises, and many others, the book looks in depth at the following key topics:

subjective probability and credence

probability updating: conditionalization and reflection

Bayesian confirmation theory

classical, logical, and evidential probability


physical probability: propensities and objective chances.

The book features a useful primer on the mathematics of probability, and each section includes an introduction by the editor, as well as a guide to further reading. A broad-ranging and highly accessible exploration of the subject, Philosophy of Probability is ideal for any student of formal epistemology, philosophy of science, metaphysics, or philosophy of mathematics.

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