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Philosophy of Religion Study Pack

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Philosophy of Religion Study Pack GBP49.49 - in stock Qty: Study Pack ISBN: 9781784840310 00 Rate this This bundle covers everything you need to know for A Level Philosophy of Religion, regardless of exam board. For the first time, all these books are available in a single bundle at a reduced price. Over 1000 pages delivered as eight distinct volumes with a modular, bite-sized approach to learning and revision. Each Study Guide covers a key Philosophy topic. They evaluate and analyse the main arguments in a format designed to help you absorb and engage with the most important points. When writing essays or studying for exams up to university level, make this your starting point for understanding Science & Religion, Miracles, Plato & Aristotle, Religious Language, Arguments for God, Religious Experience, Attributes of God and God & Evil. Revise key terms, test yourself with self-assessment questions and follow links from the book straight to our online community to extend your learning.
Miracles Definitions Nature, the Supernatural & Laws of Nature The Role of Miracles Within Religion A List of Biblical Miracles Reports of Miracles at Lourdes Credulity and Credibility Miracles & the Attributes of God A Critique of Miracles: David Hume A Critique of Miracles: Maurice Wiles Plato & Aristotle Introduction Plato Aristotle Plato, Aristotle and later Christian Thought Reviewing Plato and Aristotle Religious Language Apophatic thought and analogy Verification and falsification The problem of meaning for religious language Myth, symbol and religious language Wittgenstein, meaning and truth Verification and paradox Arguments for God Introduction The Cosmological Argument The Teleological Argument The Ontological Argument The Moral Argument Science & Religion Science OR Religion Origins Design arguments Miracles Quantum Physics Science AND Religion Religious Experience Aims and main conclusions in The Varieties of Religious Experience Different forms of religious experience The cognitive status of religious experience Swinburne's argument Religious experience and the question of epistemology Attributes of God A history of the idea of God God the Creator God's goodness Omnipotence Omniscience Eternity God & Evil The 'Problem' of Evil Could God prevent Suffering?
Should God Prevent Suffering? Of Sin and Punishment The Falls of Men and Angels Future-looking Theodicies Hick and the 'Irenaean' Tradition These books are a must-read for anyone seeking to improve their study and essay-writing skills.

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