Physical Applications of Homogeneous Balls

Af Scarr & Tzvi
  • Birkhauser
  • 2013
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  • eng
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  • 9780817682088

Parametric and semiparametric models are tools with a wide range of applications to reliability, survival analysis, and quality of life. This self-contained volume examines these tools in survey articles written by experts currently working on the development and evaluation of models and methods. While a number of chapters deal with general theory, several explore more specific connections and recent results in &quote;real-world&quote; reliability theory, survival analysis and related fields. Specific topics covered include: * non-parametric estimation of lifetimes of subjects exposed to radiation * statistical analysis of simultaneous degradation-mortality data with covariates of the aged * estimation of maintenance efficiency in semiparametric imperfect repair models * cancer prognosis using survival forests * short-term health problems related to air pollution: analysis using semiparametric generalized additive models* parametric models in accelerated life testing and fuzzy data * semiparametric models in the studies of aging and longevityThis book will be of use as a reference text for general statisticians, theoreticians, graduate students, reliability engineers, health researchers, and biostatisticians working in applied probability and statistics.