Physiotherapy in Respiratory Care

  • Springer
  • 2013
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  • 9781489930491

Respiratory care is an immensely satisfying branch of physiotherapy. It challenges our intellect, exploits our handling skills and employs our humanity to the full. Respiratory physiotherapy is both art and science. It is not an exact science, and effective treatment therefore depends on problem-solving. Analytic problem-solving requires the ability to define a problem and the knowledge to address it. Creative problem-solving requires a clear perspective of the individual patient's need. These are the aims of this book. Clinicians now expect explanations that are referenced and physiologically sound, meticulous attention to detail of technique and a patient-centred approach. This book is written for such readers and those who question and traditional rituals. fundamental assumptions Evaluation of practice is emphasized so that we are equipped to justify our protocol to ourselves and others. Carefully reasoned explanations and updated physiotherapy techniques are covered in precise detail. There is integration of theory and practice and emphasis on the hands-on aspect of physiotherapy. The glossary serves as a quick reference guide and an explanation of abbreviations, which are usually defined once only in the text. It has been greatly extended for the second edition and can be read in its own right as an extra physiology chapter. The text is enthusiastically written, highly readable and enlivened by quotations from patients whose experiences are a central theme throughout.