Practical Korean

  • Tuttle Publishing
  • 2017
  • Andet
  • 224
  • kor
  • 1
  • 9780804847223

Designed for beginning Korean learners, Practical Korean gives you only what you need including a basic pronunciation guide and key grammar points. This concise Korean language book is organized into 46 easy lessons that help you grasp everything from names and greetings to casual remarks. It is designed for English speakers travelling to Korea, although it can be used by anyone wishing to learn Korean and acquire a basic working knowledge of conversational Korean in a short period of time. Engagingly illustrated with manga-style drawings, this volume includes: A basic pronunciation guide Essential vocabulary and practical sentences Information on Korean sentence patterns and key grammar points A 3,000 word Korean-to-English and English-to-Korean dictionary Native speaker audio recordings to aid pronunciation. Even readers without any prior knowledge of Korean will grasp the necessary basics to get conversing and communicating in Korean fast and painlessly!

117,00 kr.