Practical Magic

  • Running Press
  • 2017
  • Andet
  • 48
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  • 9780762463091

Casual clairvoyants and weekend witches will find all the tools they need to enchant the everyday with Practical Magic! Covering the essentials of modern magic and mysticism, this kit comes with a rose quartz stone, tiger's eye stone, fill-in astrological chart, and 3 sheets of metallic tattoos. With a fully illustrated, 48-page miniature book on a variety of magical topics, including crystals, horoscopes, and herbal healing, this charming kit is the perfect gift for the good witch in your life.

This kit includes:

* Two crystals (rose quartz and tiger's eye).
* Fold-out astrological chart to fill in.
* 3 sheets of metallic temporary tattoos.
* 48-page miniature book.

70,00 kr.